On Tuesday 9th October 2018 Direct Voice & Data, Avaya and FirstNet Data Centres held their very first partnership networking event.

The event was designed to give you an insight into how Telecommunications and Data Management are pivotal in running a successful and compliant business and how cloud based solutions are essential for business continuity if internal systems are compromised by cyber threat.

The afternoon included a key taker from our partners FirstNet, who are leaders in their respective fields.  They gave an insightful look into what the cloud is, how the cloud can improve business efficiencies and how the cloud can keep your business safe.

The event closed with a Data Centre Tour and networking opportunities.

Direct Voice & Data and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Seminar held on Wednesday 21st February 2018

Direct Voice & Data teamed up with Alcatel-Lucent Enteprise and invited existing customers to a Seminar on how to add value to their business services with the latest and greatest in ALE’s free software add-ons, the event was held at St John Smith’s Stadium, Huddersfield.

Some of the benefits were:

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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware imageRansomware is a type of advanced malware attack that takes hold of a device, either locking the user out entirely or encrypting files so they cannot be used.  This type of attack can gain access to your device in a variety of ways.  Whether downloaded from a malicious or compromised website, delivered as an attachment from a phishing email or dropped by exploit kits onto vulnerable systems, once executed in the system ransomware will either lock the computer or encrypt predetermined files.  The attacker will then make themselves known with an “official” ransom demand, as well as thorough instructions and timelines on how to make a payment to either regain access to the device or to receive the decryption key for the captive files.

Don’t fall victim….Call our experts NOW on 0800 84 999 84 to find out how you can prevent your business from ransomware.

Simpson Wood have teamed up with Direct Voice & Data and MyCloud Media



Direct Voice & Data were kindly invited by Simpson Wood to do a presentation at the Digital Enterprise Seminar held in the John Smith’s Suite at The John Smith’s Stadium, Huddersfield on 28th March 2017.

In what was a very popular event the audience were treated to 4 guest speakers:


(From the left) Tim Bennett (myCloudMedia Ltd), Dave Henderson (Direct Voice & Data), Richard Brook (Leeds Enterprise Partnership) & Danny McAllister (Simpson Wood).

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Is Your Business At Risk from Network Threats?


WatchGuard solutions put IT security pros back in charge of their networks with widely deployable, enterprise-grade security and threat visibility tools suitable for any business.

Direct Voice & Data have partnered with WatchGuard as it is the industry’s smartest, fastest and most effective network security product!


For more information see WatchGuard_Product_Matrix


The perils of not developing new products 

Founded in 1884 by American inventor George Eastman, Kodak became one of the most recognised brands around the world. Not only did they launch new products such as the Brownie camera in 1900 but years later one of their cameras was taken into space for the Apollo 11 mission. Kodak were never afraid to be ground-breaking. They stayed ahead of the game by inventing and adopting new products combined with new ways of doing things.

They were the first company to develop digitally with a set of new products including the first working digital camera in 1975. The company did stay ahead of the times by developing new technology. When Apple launched one of their first consumer digital cameras in 1994, it was a Kodak product.

However, by 2004 Kodak started to stop selling film cameras in the face of increasingly popular digital alternatives. At this time, Kodak was the largest seller of digital cameras in the US.

By 2007 its market share had fallen to fourth place and by 2010 to seventh. In 2009, Kodak stopped selling 35mm colour film after 74 years of production.

However, the worst was yet to come. During 2011 Kodak shares fell by 80% as it struggled to maintain market share and it was hit with huge pension costs for retired workers. In news which was received with shock around the world, they filed for bankruptcy.

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Technology for Business Communications

Keeping up with technology for business communications

Keeping up with the latest business communications technology has never been more important in today’s fast paced world.  It is no doubt intentional that Apple release new products periodically, the latest iPhone 7 having just come out this month.  Staying relevant plus competitive in the market and being ahead of your competitors will enhance your company’s success.

Home Worker Business Phone Solutions









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FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) Broadband Now Available


super fast broadband

FTTP Broadband is now available…..

Simply click ‘BT Wholesales Broadband Availability Checker’ to see if your premises have access to FTTP!

What is FTTP?

FTTP provides a fibre optic connection all the way from the customer serving exchange to their premises, whereas traditional Fibre Broadband or FTTC is a fibre connection from the exchange to the local on-street cabinet and then copper to the premises.  FTTP’s 100% fibre connection offers superfast speeds and improves the performance of the internet connection.

Our team of advisers are here to help… us on 0800 84 999 84 for more information.

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Alternatives to Voice Cloud Hosting

Are there viable alternatives to voice cloud hosting?

With so much hype around hosted voice technology and the benefits it brings to small and medium sized businesses, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement. However companies need to take a step back and take a pragmatic approach to what is right for their own individual company. There is no doubt hosted voice is here to stay and that the market for cloud technology has now passed from the early adopter phase to the early majority phase. It is fair to say that most companies will have fully embraced cloud technology by 2025. But what about the shorter term? Should you move to hosted straight away or should you be looking to increase the return on investment of your current PBX set-up?

If you have relatively new on premise phone technology installed, you are likely to want to get some more mileage out of your current solution and let the equipment depreciate further. You may be in a voice contract that has several years remaining and therefore the termination penalties are still high.

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Mobility Enablement

Our working environment is undergoing fundamental changes. Technology is changing the way we work, live, collaborate and share.

Driving this change is the age of people empowerment, productivity development and market innovations.

In response, consumers are demanding access to services anytime, anywhere. Businesses are having to respond by offering flexible, mobile working and giving employees the technology to be able to meet these service expectations.


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