10 Popular Business Telephone Features That Help Improve Efficiency

Helping companies to operate smoothly and improve communications amongst customers, colleagues and suppliers, the installation of a professionally designed and installed business telephone system offers a wide range of features.

Business Phone Features

Here is an overview of the 10 most popular business telephone features…

1.  Voicemail

Voicemail is an individual answerphone service that enables users to leave voice messages for one another. Each telephone extension and user is provided with an individual voicemail box which is password protected and can be accessed from within the office and externally.

An individual’s voicemail box can be personalised with different greetings enabling callers to be confident that they have reached the correct destination.

2.  Auto-Attendant

Auto-attendant is a particularly useful tool for busy customer services departments that manages high volumes of calls concerning a wide variety of topics. Instead of filtering calls through a receptionist, the system provides callers with a range of options to select from which then automatically routes their call to the correct destination.

For example, a caller telephoning a mail-order retail company may be presented with the options “press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts, 3 for enquiries” and so on.

3.  Call Forwarding/Redirecting

This facility is useful when a member of staff is away on holiday or out of the office on business. Their calls can be automatically redirected to another staff member ensuring that calls and enquiries are being handled and business continues as usual.

4.  Call Recording

Call recording is a useful tool for a wide range of reasons. Enabling multiple calls to be recorded simultaneously, a call recording system can help with staff training as well as creating a record of customer interactions which can be a valuable back-up in the event of a legal dispute.

5.  Music on Hold

Another useful tool for customer services departments in particular, a music-on-hold system provides callers with continuous sound and reassuring messages whilst they are waiting for their call to be answered. This can run in conjunction with an auto-attendant system providing callers with a high quality customer services experience.

6.  Call Holding

The facility to put a call on hold is useful in the event that you need to refer to another person for information. Placing a call on hold keeps it on the system on your extension but enables you to make an outbound call to find out what you need to know. When you have done your research or spoke to your colleague, you will be able to pick the call back up and continue your conversation.

7.  Call Parking

Parking a call is similar to holding a call except that other users can pick up the incoming call from your extension. Whilst you are speaking with a colleague the call is placed on your “park” and can be collected by another user if relevant.

8.  Call Transferring

The call transfer facility simply allows you to re-direct a call to another extension if required. On answering an incoming call, you may quickly realise that it is relevant to another department. This facility enables the call to be put through to the relevant destination.

9.  Telephone Conferencing

Telephone conferencing facilities enable more than 2 users to participate in the same phone call. This enables meetings with multiple parties to be held remotely or for telephone briefing sessions to take place to provide remote workers with information simultaneously.

10.  Address Book / Contacts

Helping outbound calls to be made quickly and efficiently, a telephone address book is a useful tool. Regularly dialled numbers can be saved onto a specific user’s telephone enabling them to speed-dial contacts that they regularly deal with. Not only does this save time for outbound but it also enables incoming calls to be easily identified.


In Summary

The above business telephone system features are some of the most popular that can help businesses manage their calls more efficiently.

If you are considering an upgrade to your business telephone system and implementing some of these popular features, business phones and IT system providers Direct Voice and Data can help. Call 0800 84 999 84 or visit our website for more information.