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A Guide to Business Phone System Manufacturers

Choosing a telephone system is an important decision for your business. It’s essential to select the right type of system for your specific business needs and to configure it correctly so it helps improves efficiency in your everyday operations.

There are a multitude of phone system manufacturers on the market today that are designing solutions with the needs of small, medium and large enterprises in mind.

Here is an overview of 3 of the leading phone system manufacturers for the UK and an overview of the range of hardware available…

1.  Avaya

Avaya is a “global leader in business communications systems”. The company provides unified communications, contact centres, data solutions and associated services through approved partners to a wide range of businesses and organisations in the UK and around the world.

Avaya Business Telephones

A leader in IP telephony, Avaya business phone systems enable customers to gain real advantage by integrating voice, video and data throughout their companies ensuring that employees can collaborate and work efficiently wherever they are.

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The Benefits of Call Recording Systems for Businesses

Whatever type of business you operate, you’re likely to have a team of customer services operators and perhaps even a telesales team. But no matter how large or small your business and no matter how many staff you employ, a call recording system offers a wide range of benefits.

Telephone Call Recording Systems

Below we highlight some of the main benefits that a call recording service provides…

1.  Training and Development

One of the primary reasons that companies use call recording systems is to help with staff training. Systems are not only useful to help train new employees but are also beneficial for on-going training and development for existing staff.

Providing managers and supervisors with material and information to assess their team members, a call recording system can be programmed to continuously record all calls or to record a specific user during a specified period of time.

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The Effectiveness of Mobile and Home Working Phone Solutions

With the continual development of mobile devices today and the ease with which to access the internet, companies and their employees are increasingly taking advantage of remote working. Email and other web-based systems can be easily, but securely, accessed over the internet so workers can continue their daily activities as if they were in the office.

Home Worker Business Phone Solutions

When it comes to business telephone systems, home working and mobile solutions are also available, enabling employees to integrate their mobile phones into office phone networks and managing calls as if they were at their desks.

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Using Voicemail on Avaya IP Office 9600 Series Business Telephones

The Avaya IP Office 9600 series of business telephones are powerful desk phones that offer brilliant audio quality, low power requirements, customisability and performance.

Avaya IP Office 9600 Series Business Phones

Here is a guide to using voicemail…

Accessing Voicemail

1.  Press the message button

2.  If required, enter your mailbox number and password

3.  You will then be presented with a main menu which allows you

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Phone and IT Systems for Schools, Colleges and Universities

For schools, colleges and universities, a robust communications system is essential for staying in touch with parents, colleagues, local businesses and the surrounding community.

But with technology developing at such a rapid pace, choosing the ideal telephone and IT solution can be a challenge.


Direct Voice and Data have vast experience in designing and installing telecoms systems for education providers. Here we look at the features and benefits of telephone and IT systems that could significantly help schools, colleges and universities today.

Phone Systems for Schools

A well-designed and professional phone system can bring real benefits to schools, colleges and universities by helping to streamline and improve overall communications.

However large or small your establishment, you’ll undoubtedly have a daily requirement for taking and making calls to and from parents, suppliers and local contractors. By installing a high quality business telephone system from leading manufacturers such as Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya and Panasonic, schools, colleges and universities can take advantage of a whole range of useful features to help manage calls.

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Business Phones and IT Solutions for Hotels

Business phones and IT systems are important tools for most businesses today. Enabling you to interact with your clients and look after their needs, a reliable telephone and IT system is critical to your daily operations.

But for large hotels in particular, telephone and IT systems play a much bigger role. Not only do they enable staff to do their jobs effectively, but they actually form part of the service offering that customers have grown to expect from hotels in this technologically advanced day and age.


But what facilities can hotels benefit from to help provide a first class service?

Business Telephone Systems for Hotels

A high quality business phone system can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your hotel. A system can be fully integrated into your operations to facilitate communication across all areas of your establishment.

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