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Why is IT Maintenance Vital?

Do you want to keep your IT system in good health?

Like most things, keeping your IT system in good repair helps keep it working efficiently for far longer. This involves maintaining everything – including the physical hardware, the system files, the data, and the applications and programs.


The physical hardware – the PC, laptop, monitor and server.

Desktop, tower PCs and servers tend to attract dust. Even a thin layer of dust can cause the devices’ components to heat up, meaning they have to work harder. This shortens their lifespan.

It is relatively easy to remove the dust by removing the casing surrounding the components; a blast of compressed air will remove excess dust. Compressed air for this purpose is readily available in cans.

Laptop users also can affect how their devices work. Placing laptops on soft surfaces, such as cushions, chair arms or beds obstructs the ventilation outlets. Again this causes overheating, which has a detrimental effect.

Running laptops mainly off mains power (as a large percentage of users do) severely curtails battery life expectancy, so it’s a good idea to regularly run them from the battery.

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Optimising and improving your hard drive performance

How frustratingly slow can your PC be?


Ever spent time staring at your PC screen while the little wheel went slowly round, before apparently grinding to a halt? Gone off to do something else in hope that the file you were trying to access would be open by the time you came back – and it wasn’t? Given up and restarted your PC to see if it would speed up next time?

Most things need to be maintained to get the best out of them; computers are no different. One of the reasons they become slow and sluggish is due to an under-optimised hard drive.

The hard drive is where the operating system, programs and data are stored on your computer. Over time it may become filled with old files from installs, cached web pages and temporary files. These are often superfluous but gradually affect the hard drive’s normal running and slow the PC’s performance.

Several things can be done to clean up the hard drive, all of which should improve its efficiency.

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