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IT Security – Is Your Business Protected?

What would happen if there was a breach in your IT security?

IT security breaches come in many forms – physical damage, computer viruses, hackers or even mistakes by employees – any of which could disrupt the day to day running of your organisation. Worse than that, data could be permanently lost, or used by others seeking to gain from or damage your business.

The increased use of social media by organisations, and some personnel requiring access to the internet to complete their tasks, may also introduce substantial risks to company networks and data.

So what can a business do to prevent security breaches?

A secure, reliable and cost effective environment is crucial. There are 3 main elements to good IT security:

  1. Spam filters that block 97% of junk email before it reaches your IT systems and manage inbound and outbound emails can protect your organisation from mail threats and data leaks.
  2. Anti-virus software must be up-to-date, robust and effective to prevent criminals attacking your network through newly developed viruses, worms and Trojan horses.
  3. Firewalls should be used to prevent unauthorised access to or from a private network, particularly an intranet.

In addition, it is important to establish security procedures for staff to follow. Training staff on how to use your IT system and specifying what tasks must be referred to others, as well as implementing an email and internet policy to regulate internet use, will all help to reduce IT security risks.

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