Being Green with your Business Communications

If being green is moving up your business agenda, you might want to check whether you have the greenest communications solutions in place.

Take business travel, how much is it adding to your carbon footprint?

You could cut down on unnecessary travel connecting with people locally, the latest technology offers simple but top quality communication solutions making the needs for travel redundant.

Keep down on your carbon footprint by using our audio, web, video conferencing.

Allowing your people to work from home will reduce your carbon footprint but keeping up in touch with colleagues is also vital to effective working.

We can provide your staff with a home base solution fully integrated with your main phone system and runs just as fast, by using seperate Business great connectivity and an IP voice solution remote workers already have an access to information. Plus the ability to share, which can also benefit from lower administration costs and conserve resources by paperless invoicing, easy to set up and far more sustainable.

We’ve made it our Business to understand yours and to help you acheive your Business Green objectives, please ask your account manager for more details.


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We’ve made it our business to understand yours and to help you achieve your green objectives.

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