Business Phones and IT Solutions for Hotels

Business phones and IT systems are important tools for most businesses today. Enabling you to interact with your clients and look after their needs, a reliable telephone and IT system is critical to your daily operations.

But for large hotels in particular, telephone and IT systems play a much bigger role. Not only do they enable staff to do their jobs effectively, but they actually form part of the service offering that customers have grown to expect from hotels in this technologically advanced day and age.


But what facilities can hotels benefit from to help provide a first class service?

Business Telephone Systems for Hotels

A high quality business phone system can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your hotel. A system can be fully integrated into your operations to facilitate communication across all areas of your establishment.

Not only will you require your system to handle external phone calls to take reservations and answer general enquiries, but your guests will want to make internal calls to order room service, speak to housekeeping or enquire about leisure facilities.

By installing a professional business telephone system using equipment from leading manufacturers such as Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya and Panasonic, hotels can benefit from a host of features as well as the assurance that their system won’t let them down.

Depending on the structure of your hotel and your operations, you may require multiple direct dial-in (DDI) numbers – certainly for your reception desk and perhaps also for other key departments. Other small departments and guest rooms can be set up with internal extensions allowing staff and guests to call each other easily using a short-dial number.

In order to help field calls efficiently and effectively, there are a wide range of business telephone features that hotels can benefit from including auto attendant (press 1 for Reception, 2 for Reservations), call forwarding, music on hold and voice mail, all of which help you to provide a sleek and professional service which makes a positive first impression on future guests.

A high quality business phone system can also provide useful facilities for business meetings. The availability of conference telephones in meeting rooms may be a great selling point for companies looking for off-site meeting venues that are ready-equipped with everything they need.

IT Systems for Hotels

Business IT systems are also essential for hotels in today’s high-tech world. Not only are bookings and general enquiries made online, but guests also expect to be able to connect to the internet during their stay.

From fast Ethernet networks, to 1GB connections, Wireless LAN and Wide Area Networks (WAN), a fast and robust computer network can be installed to help take care of all your staff’s and customers’ needs.


Provide your guests with free internet access by installing WI-FI wireless internet. Your guests will be able to quickly and easily access the internet with their mobile devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Enabling you to provide a first class service to business clients, why not extend your IT systems into your meeting and conference rooms. Installing digital projectors and interactive whiteboards into meeting rooms enables business customers to hold professional presentations and meetings with their staff or their customers.

IT System and Telephone Maintenance Solutions

After you’ve had the perfect business phones and IT system installed in your hotel, it’s crucial that you have a robust maintenance agreement in place to take care of any technical issues or programming queries that may occur.

Whilst you and your staff are getting used to your new system, a direct link to your supplier through a remote help desk will be invaluable in resolving queries quickly and efficiently so you can get on with your all-important daily business operations.

For technical faults, having the peace of mind and reassurance of a remote help desk and an on-site call-out service means breakdowns will be dealt quickly and with minimal disruption to your business.

For IT system installations, an aftercare maintenance contract will not only help you look after your existing software and equipment but will also help remind you when your software licenses need renewing or you’re running short of disk space. Taking advantage of this service ensures you’re your business will keep operating smoothly with no delays or disruptions.


In Summary

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