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What’s the buzz around 5G?


What is 5G?

5G is an upgrade from 4G (5th generation of mobile networks), it refers to mobile network technology that enables 5G compatible phones to connect to the internet faster than ever before. It has been upgraded to meet the needs of a modern-day society that heavily relies on data and connectivity. 5G will eventually become its own standalone network and will not work in conjunction with 4G.

4G is giving a little helping hand at the moment before 5G ventures out on its own. This will result in faster connection speeds and greater capacity of transferable data. The technology will be greater in speed than 4G. 10MBps have been predicted for the minimum download speed of 5G, that’s more then 1000x faster than 4G and enabling the user to download a full HD film in under 10 seconds.

5G Map








When can you get your hands on it?

You already can, starting with cities pictured in the map below. 5G will have limited availability in those areas from three different networks (Vodafone, O2 and EE) and by the end of the year, a total of 20 more towns and cities will be added with many more to follow in 2020. But before 5G becomes seamless like 4G we have a few years to wait. Most experts have predicted it will take 3 – 5 years before it becomes easily accessible. But time moves fast and before you know it, it becomes old news.

5G Map










So, you’re probably reading this and thinking “why are we talking about this now, when it’s not available yet”. It’s how this technology is going to change our society and maybe even how we live that’s got everyone buzzed. One part of this technology is ultra-low-latency. Which is basically the time it takes for a machine to transfer a piece of information to another machine. For instance, self-driving cars can benefit because it’s a virtual piece of technology that allows self-driving cars to speak to one another. If the car in front brakes hard then that sends a signal warning the car behind to brake or take evasive action. Another benefit, this time for business owners is the quick response time when surfacing the internet, downloading documents or taking video or call chats through a hosted platform. Faster speeds mean less time waiting for the internet to buffer, documents to download and less lag/ down periods during lengthy calls.

This improved technology will dramatically change the world we live in, so get ready and excited about the possibility of 5G.


Is Your Business At Risk from Network Threats?


WatchGuard solutions put IT security pros back in charge of their networks with widely deployable, enterprise-grade security and threat visibility tools suitable for any business.

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Technology for Business Communications

Keeping up with technology for business communications

Keeping up with the latest business communications technology has never been more important in today’s fast paced world.  It is no doubt intentional that Apple release new products periodically, the latest iPhone 7 having just come out this month.  Staying relevant plus competitive in the market and being ahead of your competitors will enhance your company’s success.

Home Worker Business Phone Solutions









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Resilient and Efficient Telephone and Communication Systems for GP Surgeries

Direct Voice & Data have solutions to help GP practices meet the needs of patients and resolve CQC compliance issues around accessing healthcare services.

Benefits of a Direct Voice & Data GP solution system:

• Improved patient communication
• Increased accessibility
• Staff efficiency and reduced workloads
• Cost saving
• Reduces patient complaints
• Lower stress and abuse levels for staff

GP Surgery

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MPLS Network

Multi-protocol label switching doesn’t have to be complicated – it’s a lot simpler than it sounds.

MPLS is simply a tool that can be used to efficiently and securely connect different business sites. That’s it! There are lots of clever ways to route the connection and add in different layers, but we can help you understand all of that.

Here’s a simple way to look at how an MPLS network can work:


MPLS Image

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Being Green with your Business Communications

If being green is moving up your business agenda, you might want to check whether you have the greenest communications solutions in place.

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