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Mobility Enablement

Our working environment is undergoing fundamental changes. Technology is changing the way we work, live, collaborate and share.

Driving this change is the age of people empowerment, productivity development and market innovations.

In response, consumers are demanding access to services anytime, anywhere. Businesses are having to respond by offering flexible, mobile working and giving employees the technology to be able to meet these service expectations.


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MPLS Network

Multi-protocol label switching doesn’t have to be complicated – it’s a lot simpler than it sounds.

MPLS is simply a tool that can be used to efficiently and securely connect different business sites. That’s it! There are lots of clever ways to route the connection and add in different layers, but we can help you understand all of that.

Here’s a simple way to look at how an MPLS network can work:


MPLS Image

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How the mobile phone has evolved for business

Almost 43 years ago, on April 3, 1973, Martin Cooper from Motorola made the first call on a mobile phone. It was a business call to a rival manufacturer, also in the race to develop a portable, hand-held device.

That phone weighed about a kilogram; its brick-like heavy battery took 10 hours to charge and allowed a talk time of only 30 minutes. Hardly what you might call mobile. But it was a start.

Mobile Phone timeline

Development of the mobile phone continued, and a decade later they were on sale in the USA for the equivalent of £2,500 each.

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