Communication Solutions – Managing Risk

Managing risk prevents your business from being badly disrupted by a number of factors beyond your control.

Bad weather, illness or accidents can cause problems on a day-to-day basis preventing staff from getting to work. More serious events, like fraudulent hacking, fire and flood are potentially far more damaging.

With the correct communication solutions in place you’ll be able to minimise the threat and make a quick recovery from any such disruption.

How can you carry on with business-as-usual if your staff can’t get to work?

Calls to your premises can be re-routed to a different destination or mobile device.  You can even plan this service in advance with automatic implementation.

With home working solutions, key staff can continue working as if they were in the office.

The threat of telecoms fraud is real costing the UK business £1billion per year.

The average cost of an unmonitored incident is estimated in excess of £10,ooo.

Our fraud monitor service can help, minimising your exposure.

Communications failure.

A single communications failure could leave your business without access to email and vital web based systems.

Stay online and in business whatever happens with our resilient internet and mobile data access solutions.

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We’ve made it our business to understand yours, and to help you plan for disaster recovery and business continuity.

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