Holding, Parking and Transferring Calls on Avaya 9600 Series Business Phones

The Avaya 9600 Series of business telephones are a range of high performance IP desk phones suitable for a wide range of business types. Equipped with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, they offer an advanced range of features including mobility applications.

Avaya Business Telephones

Here is our guide to holding, parking and transferring calls…

Holding a Call

The ability to place a user on hold is useful in instances where the user needs to make enquiries to field the call appropriately. When a caller is on hold, they will hear hold music or a double beep sound if your business phone system does not have hold music.

1.  To Put A Call On Hold…

  • Press the HOLD soft key or the call’s appearance button.
  • Whilst on hold, the call’s appearance button will be highlighted with a flashing green lamp or the words “On-Hold” will be displayed before the call information on phones with a single appearance line.
  • Use the arrows keys to scroll up and down the display – the held call will be highlighted with a handset icon

2.  To Take a Call Off Hold…


  • Press the call’s appearance button.
  • Use the arrow keys to scroll to the held called indicated with a handset icon and press the CONNECT soft key.

How To Use The “Park” Facility

Parking a call is similar to putting it on hold but other users can pick up the call from your park.

1.  To Park A Call…

  • During a call, press the telephone icon and then the FEATURES soft key.
  • Use the arrow keys to select either CALL PARK (parks the callon the system and indicates it on your extension) or CALL PARK TO OTHER (parks the call on the system and indicates it on another user’s extension).

2.  To Unpark A Call…

  • During a call, press the telephone icon and then the STATUS soft key
  • If you have any parked calls on your extension, the PARKS option will be automatically displayed.
  • Press the DETAILS soft key.
  • Use the arrow keys to scroll through the list of parked calls.
  • Press the CONNECT soft key to unpark your chosen call.

How To Transfer A Call

The Avaya 9600 series phones allow calls to be transferred even if all your call appearance buttons are in use.

1.  How To Transfer A Call…

  • After answering the call, press the TRANSFER soft key and the call is automatically put on hold.
  • Dial the extension number of the person or department who the call should be passed to.
  • When the required user answers the call, press COMPLETE soft key.
  • If the user doesn’t answer or doesn’t want the call, press the CANCEL soft key.


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