How Music on Hold Systems Can Benefit Businesses

With businesses today increasingly managing customer interactions through centralised call centres, phone lines are often incredibly busy and a period of waiting time almost inevitable. If configured correctly, a music-on-hold system can be an incredibly useful and powerful tool that can enhance your customer’s experience of being on hold.

Music on Hold Systems

Here we look at music-on-hold systems in more detail and explain how they can work for your business…

What is a music-on-hold system?

A recent article published by stated that “almost 70% of callers to UK businesses are put on hold for longer than one minute”. It also stated that most consumers prefer to hear something more than beeps or a silence whilst they are waiting.

Providing customers with that something extra, a music-on-hold system is a great solution. As the name suggests, it plays music to callers whilst they are queuing and can be interspersed with tailored messages.

A system can easily be incorporated into your business telephone solution and combined with other features such as auto-attendant and call forwarding.

What are the benefits of using a music-on-hold system?

The use of a music-on-hold system can bring many benefits for your business as follows…

1.  Entertain your customers:

Your customer is important and waiting in a queue isn’t something that anyone really enjoys. But enabling your customer to listen to music while they wait will keep them entertained and may even put a smile on their face.

2.  Reassure your customers:

There’s nothing worse than being on hold and wondering if your call is still connected. By playing music to your customers, they will be reassured that they are still connected to your business and their call hasn’t been forgotten about or lost.

The ability to add in tailored messages also provides you with an opportunity to play comforting messages advising your callers that their call is important and giving an estimated waiting time, managing their expectations and easing their frustrations.

3.  Build your brand:

The type of music that you choose can really set the scene for your business. Carefully selecting the songs that you play can help build your brand and describe the type of business you are, whether you’re young and fun loving, experienced and professional, or kindly and caring.

The type of voice that you choose for your messages can also contribute towards building your brand image. Choosing a particular accent and a particular tempo can reinforce your company culture and communicate the type of business you are.

4.  Play marketing messages:

A music-on-hold system can also be a valuable tool for your marketing activity. The ability to record and play tailored messages within the system means you can highlight products, services and promotional offers that may be of interest to your customers. Give them something else to think about whilst they are waiting and remind them of everything you do.

Can music-on-hold systems be tailored for individual businesses?

Enabling customers to benefit from the advantages described above, music-on-hold systems can be easily tailored to a business’s unique requirements.

Systems consist of a wide range of bespoke tracks that companies can choose from depending on their needs. All tracks are written and produced by experienced composers and have exceptional audio quality. All music is copyright free so there are no additional costs to pay.

Voice messages can also be tailored with your choice of accent and tempo enabling you to choose a voice that is most suited to your business and which customers will identify with.

Bespoke voice messages can quickly and easily be set up maximising your marketing opportunity to providing that all-important customer service.


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