How To Park and Transfer Calls on an Alcatel-Lucent 4019 Business Telephone

The Alcatel 4019 business telephone is a popular and high quality desk phone from leading business phone system provider Alcatel. The telephone consists of a wide range of features that users can benefit from to streamline their daily communications with customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Alcatel-Lucent 4019 Business Telephone

Two of the features of this phone are to “Park” and “Transfer” calls. Here is our guide to utilising these key features…

How To Use The “Park” Facility

Putting a call on park is similar to putting it on hold, the difference being that other users can pick up the call from your park.

1.  To Park A Call…

  • When a call comes to your extension, you will have answered it as normal and established that the call is relevant to another member of staff.
  • Before contacting another department or team member, press PARK or dial *84 to put the call on park and then replace the handset or press the DISCONNECT KEY.
  • Dial the extension number of the relevant department of team member and notify them of the call.

2.  To Retrieve A Call From Park…

  • To retrieve a call from someone else’s park, press PARK or *84 and the extension number of where the call is being held. The call will transfer to your extension and you can continue as normal.

3.  If A Call Is Not Collected From Park…

  • If another member of staff is not able to take the call from someone’s park, the call will return to the original extension number so further action can be taken.

How To Transfer An Incoming Call

The call transfer facility is useful when a call comes into your office on a particular extension number but is relevant to another user. A call can quickly and easily be re-directed to the relevant extension number with no disruption to the caller.

1.  How To Transfer A Call…

  • After answering the call, simply dial the extension number of the person or department who the call should be passed to.
  • When another user answers the call, advise them of the caller’s information and press TRANSFER to transfer the call.

2.  To Retrieve The Call…

  • If the other extension number is not answered, press the DISCONNECT KEY and then the  LINE KEY which is flashing and you will be able to retrieve the call and take further required action.


The Alcatel 4019 desk phone is a popular model that can be incorporated into an Alcatel-Lucent business telephone solution from Yorkshire telecommunications providers Direct Voice and Data.

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