Mobility Enablement

Our working environment is undergoing fundamental changes. Technology is changing the way we work, live, collaborate and share.

Driving this change is the age of people empowerment, productivity development and market innovations.

In response, consumers are demanding access to services anytime, anywhere. Businesses are having to respond by offering flexible, mobile working and giving employees the technology to be able to meet these service expectations.


With a rapid rise in hot desking (offices with no fixed desk seating), hoteling (pre-bookable office seats) and remote working, businesses are seeking integrated telephony solutions for their busy ‘on-the-go’ mobile workforce.

Businesses need to respond with a cost-effective communications system which enables mobile and virtual engagement. The system must be flexible, reliable and secure. Coupled with this the network must be robust, responsive and capable of delivering a seamless customer experience.

Employees often feel that they would like to be in touch from airports, hotels and client locations, accessing business applications quickly and easily.

As long as the employer respects the boundaries between work life and private life; flexible working hours and freedom at work will have a positive impact on employee efficiency, goal-fulfillment and general health. This in turn leads to a happier workforce, with an increase in productivity, which produces a greater return on investment.

The way we work is changing – we are now the networked generation.

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