Resilient and Efficient Telephone and Communication Systems for GP Surgeries

Direct Voice & Data have solutions to help GP practices meet the needs of patients and resolve CQC compliance issues around accessing healthcare services.

Benefits of a Direct Voice & Data GP solution system:

• Improved patient communication
• Increased accessibility
• Staff efficiency and reduced workloads
• Cost saving
• Reduces patient complaints
• Lower stress and abuse levels for staff

GP Surgery

With an increasing gap between client demand and surgery resources, having the most efficient and effective telephone and communication system is paramount in operational planning.

Direct Voice and Data have over 30 years experience in helping you manage this demand vs supply conundrum. We offer products and services which help reduce client frustration of ‘not being able to get through’ and staff frustration at not being able to offer the best possible care and service to their clients and community.

All GP practices have different requirements – by working closely with you, Direct Voice and Data will create a communications solution to meet your specific current and future needs.