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Proactive v Reactive IT Support – Prevention is Better than Cure

IT failure – something every business dreads. That’s not surprising when last year it was reported that every major IT failure can affect an average of 776,000 people and cost an employer £410,000 for each technology problem they face.


Of course those figures include massive corporations, but demonstrate the high relative cost and inconvenience of an IT failure to businesses.

A smoothly running IT system is a key part of your business, but unless your business is an IT specialist, it is unlikely that you have the expertise to fix it if it fails.

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Phone and IT Systems for Schools, Colleges and Universities

For schools, colleges and universities, a robust communications system is essential for staying in touch with parents, colleagues, local businesses and the surrounding community.

But with technology developing at such a rapid pace, choosing the ideal telephone and IT solution can be a challenge.


Direct Voice and Data have vast experience in designing and installing telecoms systems for education providers. Here we look at the features and benefits of telephone and IT systems that could significantly help schools, colleges and universities today.

Phone Systems for Schools

A well-designed and professional phone system can bring real benefits to schools, colleges and universities by helping to streamline and improve overall communications.

However large or small your establishment, you’ll undoubtedly have a daily requirement for taking and making calls to and from parents, suppliers and local contractors. By installing a high quality business telephone system from leading manufacturers such as Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya and Panasonic, schools, colleges and universities can take advantage of a whole range of useful features to help manage calls.

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