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Proactive v Reactive IT Support – Prevention is Better than Cure

IT failure – something every business dreads. That’s not surprising when last year it was reported that every major IT failure can affect an average of 776,000 people and cost an employer £410,000 for each technology problem they face.


Of course those figures include massive corporations, but demonstrate the high relative cost and inconvenience of an IT failure to businesses.

A smoothly running IT system is a key part of your business, but unless your business is an IT specialist, it is unlikely that you have the expertise to fix it if it fails.

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IT Security – Is Your Business Protected?

What would happen if there was a breach in your IT security?

IT security breaches come in many forms – physical damage, computer viruses, hackers or even mistakes by employees – any of which could disrupt the day to day running of your organisation. Worse than that, data could be permanently lost, or used by others seeking to gain from or damage your business.

The increased use of social media by organisations, and some personnel requiring access to the internet to complete their tasks, may also introduce substantial risks to company networks and data.

So what can a business do to prevent security breaches?

A secure, reliable and cost effective environment is crucial. There are 3 main elements to good IT security:

  1. Spam filters that block 97% of junk email before it reaches your IT systems and manage inbound and outbound emails can protect your organisation from mail threats and data leaks.
  2. Anti-virus software must be up-to-date, robust and effective to prevent criminals attacking your network through newly developed viruses, worms and Trojan horses.
  3. Firewalls should be used to prevent unauthorised access to or from a private network, particularly an intranet.

In addition, it is important to establish security procedures for staff to follow. Training staff on how to use your IT system and specifying what tasks must be referred to others, as well as implementing an email and internet policy to regulate internet use, will all help to reduce IT security risks.

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Why is IT Maintenance Vital?

Do you want to keep your IT system in good health?

Like most things, keeping your IT system in good repair helps keep it working efficiently for far longer. This involves maintaining everything – including the physical hardware, the system files, the data, and the applications and programs.


The physical hardware – the PC, laptop, monitor and server.

Desktop, tower PCs and servers tend to attract dust. Even a thin layer of dust can cause the devices’ components to heat up, meaning they have to work harder. This shortens their lifespan.

It is relatively easy to remove the dust by removing the casing surrounding the components; a blast of compressed air will remove excess dust. Compressed air for this purpose is readily available in cans.

Laptop users also can affect how their devices work. Placing laptops on soft surfaces, such as cushions, chair arms or beds obstructs the ventilation outlets. Again this causes overheating, which has a detrimental effect.

Running laptops mainly off mains power (as a large percentage of users do) severely curtails battery life expectancy, so it’s a good idea to regularly run them from the battery.

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Does your business need an IT support contract?

IT system crashed? Now what will you do?

Every day your business relies on IT systems – the hardware such as servers, PCs, laptops, tablets and printers; the infrastructure, which includes the cabling, routers and switches, and the software – operating systems and applications.


Unfortunately, any part of this can fail.

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Direct Voice and Data Celebrate 30 Years of Business

Huddersfield based business telephones and IT system specialists Direct Voice and Data are celebrating 30 years in business.


Established in 1984 following the deregulation of the telecoms market, the company started life as “Dial-In Telephones” with a shop in Huddersfield town centre.

Within a year, the company was rapidly expanding, offering complete business system solutions through what was to become a long-standing partnership with Panasonic. This diversification in the business prompted the owners to change the company name to “Dial-In Communications” and relocate to new offices in Leeds in 1986.

Becoming firmly established as a business systems supplier, the company’s partnership with Panasonic grew and in 1987 Dial-In Communications became a limited trading company and again changed its name to “Direct Telecom”.

Further relocations brought the company back to Huddersfield and eventually to its existing head office location in what previously the Skelmanthorpe Liberal Club.

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Telecommunications Landmarks in West Yorkshire

The largest county in the United Kingdom, Yorkshire is renowned for its unspoilt countryside, its historical past and its fierce traditions. Often referred to as “God’s Own County”, visitors to Yorkshire can enjoy the vast Yorkshire Moors, the rolling Pennine Hills and the rugged heritage coastal areas at Whitby, Scarborough and Filey.

To residents and visitors alike, Yorkshire is also renowned for many well-known landmarks, including a number of telecommunications transmission masts, perched high on the hill tops which can be seen for miles around.

As a telecommunications provider based in West Yorkshire, we’d like to share some information on these well-known landmarks with you…

Emley Moor Mast

The most famous transmission station in Yorkshire is Emley Moor Mast. Situated 1 mile west of the small village of Emley in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, the Grade II listed building is the tallest freestanding structure in the UK, the 7th tallest in the EU and the 25th tallest in the world.

Emley Moor Mast

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Phone and IT Systems for Schools, Colleges and Universities

For schools, colleges and universities, a robust communications system is essential for staying in touch with parents, colleagues, local businesses and the surrounding community.

But with technology developing at such a rapid pace, choosing the ideal telephone and IT solution can be a challenge.


Direct Voice and Data have vast experience in designing and installing telecoms systems for education providers. Here we look at the features and benefits of telephone and IT systems that could significantly help schools, colleges and universities today.

Phone Systems for Schools

A well-designed and professional phone system can bring real benefits to schools, colleges and universities by helping to streamline and improve overall communications.

However large or small your establishment, you’ll undoubtedly have a daily requirement for taking and making calls to and from parents, suppliers and local contractors. By installing a high quality business telephone system from leading manufacturers such as Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya and Panasonic, schools, colleges and universities can take advantage of a whole range of useful features to help manage calls.

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Business Phones and IT Solutions for Hotels

Business phones and IT systems are important tools for most businesses today. Enabling you to interact with your clients and look after their needs, a reliable telephone and IT system is critical to your daily operations.

But for large hotels in particular, telephone and IT systems play a much bigger role. Not only do they enable staff to do their jobs effectively, but they actually form part of the service offering that customers have grown to expect from hotels in this technologically advanced day and age.


But what facilities can hotels benefit from to help provide a first class service?

Business Telephone Systems for Hotels

A high quality business phone system can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your hotel. A system can be fully integrated into your operations to facilitate communication across all areas of your establishment.

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