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Business Telephone Music On Hold Solutions

Bespoke Music On Hold – Branded Voice Hold Messages

Everyone knows music on hold can either enhance your Company or have a detrimental impact on callers.After the receptionist you Music on Hold is the next and potentially one of the lasting impressions callers have when telephoning your Company. Cliches, crackling sound, Greensleeves or silence “Am I still connected”  do not help with customer confidence.At Direct Voice and Data we offer a bespoke solution to ensure you are able to promote professionalism and the correct Company message to all callers.

You can use our mixer to compare music and voice types to achieve the best mix for your business, our Music On Hold is truly is a cut above the standard Muzac or worse still the intermittent Beep. All our Music On Hold is royalty free – so you won’t have to pay anything extra to use the facility.

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10 Popular Business Telephone Features That Help Improve Efficiency

Helping companies to operate smoothly and improve communications amongst customers, colleagues and suppliers, the installation of a professionally designed and installed business telephone system offers a wide range of features.

Business Phone Features

Here is an overview of the 10 most popular business telephone features…

1.  Voicemail

Voicemail is an individual answerphone service that enables users to leave voice messages for one another. Each telephone extension and user is provided with an individual voicemail box which is password protected and can be accessed from within the office and externally.

An individual’s voicemail box can be personalised with different greetings enabling callers to be confident that they have reached the correct destination.

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A Guide to Choosing a Business Telephone System

A business telephone system is a crucial element to the successful operation of your business. Helping your staff keep in touch with customers, colleagues, suppliers and agents, it’s central to everything you do.


A well-designed telephone system can really help improve the day-to-day running of your business. Automatically managing your calls and routing them through to the correct destination not only saves time but ensures your customers aren’t subjected to frustrating delays and confusion.

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How Music on Hold Systems Can Benefit Businesses

With businesses today increasingly managing customer interactions through centralised call centres, phone lines are often incredibly busy and a period of waiting time almost inevitable. If configured correctly, a music-on-hold system can be an incredibly useful and powerful tool that can enhance your customer’s experience of being on hold.

Music on Hold Systems

Here we look at music-on-hold systems in more detail and explain how they can work for your business…

What is a music-on-hold system?

A recent article published by stated that “almost 70% of callers to UK businesses are put on hold for longer than one minute”. It also stated that most consumers prefer to hear something more than beeps or a silence whilst they are waiting.

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