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Telephone Toll Fraud via PBX Hacking

Telephone toll fraud via PBX hacking continues to be the most popular fraud method, with an established $3.9b stolen globally. Hacking generally is set to steadily rise, especially with the adoption of M2M and the ‘Internet of things’ in our businesses and homes. Toll fraud uses sophisticated auto diallers to continuously search for weak passcodes. Once these are found, the victim’s phone is programmed to call premium rated numbers set up by the criminals who profit from the high call charges. With global fraud losses estimated at $38.1 Billion annually, it is well worth the hacker’s time to build these programmes to trawl phone systems looking for victims. With UK businesses being in the top three hardest hit by toll fraud globally, it is more important than ever to ensure we are all doing our bit to protect ourselves and our businesses. As is the case so often with IT security, obvious passcodes are the weakest link.

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Business Telephone System Security: Phone Hacking Prevention

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that company computer systems and websites are increasingly targeted by hackers. With the objective of causing general disruption and disarray, hackers continue to develop ways in which to monitor, infiltrate and manipulate a company’s computer system.

Phone System Hacking Prevention

But it’s not computer systems that are targeted by fraudsters today. Unbeknown to many businesses, company telephone systems are also often the target of hackers and the UK is one of the top 5 countries to be affected.

Here we give you an overview of business phone system hacking and how companies can protect themselves against it…

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