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MPLS Network

Multi-protocol label switching doesn’t have to be complicated – it’s a lot simpler than it sounds.

MPLS is simply a tool that can be used to efficiently and securely connect different business sites. That’s it! There are lots of clever ways to route the connection and add in different layers, but we can help you understand all of that.

Here’s a simple way to look at how an MPLS network can work:


MPLS Image

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Being Green with your Business Communications

If being green is moving up your business agenda, you might want to check whether you have the greenest communications solutions in place.

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Global VoIP Market To Hit $75.8Bn In 2013

The advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has fundamentally changed the way organisations carry out phone conversations, with many companies now realising that the technology helps to improve their business operations.


With VoIP, companies can make more cost-effective calls than when using land-line services. The technology has also been proven to be more reliable and faster than traditional phones. VoIP empowers companies to move forward with the times and adapt to the new developments in technology, thus helping them better navigate today’s business landscape.

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The Benefits of Telephone and Video Conferencing for Businesses

Despite the wealth of transport links facilitating national and international travel today, companies are embracing their corporate and social responsibilities full-heartedly and taking advantage of advanced digital communications systems to stay in touch with customers, colleagues and suppliers.

Telephone and Video Conference Systems

Aware of their effect on the environment and the costs involved in travel, companies are increasingly turning to telephone and video conferencing systems to conduct their business from the comfort of their own offices.

What are telephone and video conferencing systems?

Telephone and video conferencing systems are simply telecoms systems that enable multiple users at multiple locations to take part in conversations and meetings remotely.

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The Effectiveness of Mobile and Home Working Phone Solutions

With the continual development of mobile devices today and the ease with which to access the internet, companies and their employees are increasingly taking advantage of remote working. Email and other web-based systems can be easily, but securely, accessed over the internet so workers can continue their daily activities as if they were in the office.

Home Worker Business Phone Solutions

When it comes to business telephone systems, home working and mobile solutions are also available, enabling employees to integrate their mobile phones into office phone networks and managing calls as if they were at their desks.

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