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How To Use Voicemail on a Panasonic KX-DT346 Digital Telephone

Panasonic has been a leading supplier of business telephones for over 25 years. Providing high quality communication solutions for UK businesses, Panasonic offer a range of business systems from simple analogue phones to advanced IP based network communications platforms.


The range of Panasonic handsets includes traditional analogue phones to technologically advanced digital phones.

The Panasonic KX-DT346 digital telephone is a no-nonsense, easy to use LCD handset. Incorporating a wealth of robust telephony features, the KX-DT346 has market-leading clarity.

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How To Use Voicemail on an Avaya 1608 IP Office Telephone

The Avaya 1608 IP Office telephone is a member of the 1600 series of business telephone that offer familiar features at a cost effective price. They are ideal for everyday users with basic communications needs.

Avaya 160 IP Desk Phone

Here is a guide to using voicemail on the Avaya 1608 IP phone.

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10 Popular Business Telephone Features That Help Improve Efficiency

Helping companies to operate smoothly and improve communications amongst customers, colleagues and suppliers, the installation of a professionally designed and installed business telephone system offers a wide range of features.

Business Phone Features

Here is an overview of the 10 most popular business telephone features…

1.  Voicemail

Voicemail is an individual answerphone service that enables users to leave voice messages for one another. Each telephone extension and user is provided with an individual voicemail box which is password protected and can be accessed from within the office and externally.

An individual’s voicemail box can be personalised with different greetings enabling callers to be confident that they have reached the correct destination.

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A Guide to Choosing a Business Telephone System

A business telephone system is a crucial element to the successful operation of your business. Helping your staff keep in touch with customers, colleagues, suppliers and agents, it’s central to everything you do.


A well-designed telephone system can really help improve the day-to-day running of your business. Automatically managing your calls and routing them through to the correct destination not only saves time but ensures your customers aren’t subjected to frustrating delays and confusion.

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How To Use Voicemail on an Alcatel-Lucent 4019 Business Telephone

The Alcatel 4019 popular and high quality desk phone consisting of a wide range of features to streamline your daily communications.


Here is a guide to using Voicemail…

Setting Up Your Voicemail

The first time you access your mailbox, you will be asked to set it up.

  1. To access your mailbox, press the MAIL key
  2. You will be asked to enter a 4-digit passcode of your choice
  3. After entering your 4-digit code, the code will be repeated back to you
  4. To accept the passcode, press #
  5. You will then be asked to speak your name and then press #
  6. You can choose to playback your name
  7. Press # to confirm your settings

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Using Voicemail on Avaya IP Office 9600 Series Business Telephones

The Avaya IP Office 9600 series of business telephones are powerful desk phones that offer brilliant audio quality, low power requirements, customisability and performance.

Avaya IP Office 9600 Series Business Phones

Here is a guide to using voicemail…

Accessing Voicemail

1.  Press the message button

2.  If required, enter your mailbox number and password

3.  You will then be presented with a main menu which allows you

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