Why you need a Telephone System Maintenance Contract

Communicating via social media and email is all very well, but nothing beats a good old telephone conversation with your customers when it comes to building rapport and business relationships – well apart from a face to face meeting!

A good telephone system is still vitally important. It’s the primary way to keep in touch with current customers and contact future prospects, and we expect it not to fail.

But what if it does? Apart from feeling extremely irritated when technology doesn’t work, and being snippy about it, what are the other implications of being without this communication facility – even for a short time?

Why do I need a Telephone System Maintenance Contract? 

Well – your telesales team would be left twiddling their thumbs for a start!

And what of those customers who want to place an urgent order, or prospects who want to query something before committing to buy? Or someone who’s tracking their delivery and wants to know when it will arrive?

You’ve probably experienced similar situations in your personal life, felt annoyed, wondered about that company’s customer service and made your purchase elsewhere.

Of course, there are many engineers you could call out to fix your telephone system. But what would that cost? A visit could be anything from £70- £200 per hour, and that’s before any costs for repairs, software upgrades or replacement equipment. And who would you call? How much downtime would you spend finding someone who could come and do the job NOW as it’s urgent?

And in the meantime your business is losing money.

Having a telephone system maintenance contract would not only control costs but also avoid issues of downtime and lack of productivity. Important factors in the efficient running of your business.

So how does a telephone system maintenance contract achieve this?

The key is having a speedy response – so downtime is minimised. A team of specialists who know your system would be on hand to quickly resolve your problem. It might require systems or software engineers, or IT and infrastructure specialists – or all of them!

With businesses looking for predictability, having a maintenance contract with the cost spread over months (rather than periods of no cost followed periods of high cost) makes budget planning more straightforward.

The support contract covers all parts and labour on faults, and as an added bonus we offer all our support contract customers remote changes free of charge.

With your own Account Manager to keep you informed of developments in technology you can ensure that your telephone system and software is regularly updated; helping your company to offer better service and keep ahead of the competition.

Importantly you will have peace of mind – knowing who you can call when your telephone system suddenly fails.

So – how detrimental would it be to your business if your phone system failed? Are you prepared?

Direct Voice and Data offers individually structured support plans to suit your business’s specific requirements. To find out more about how we can help, please call the Direct Voice and Data team on free phone 0808 165 86 86 now.